Friday, March 13, 2009

Cupcakes for a Baby Girl

Here are pictures of cupcakes I made for a baby shower for a baby girl. I wanted pink cupcakes, so I used a red velvet cake recipe and went light on the red coloring.

Angel on a cloud:

3 little bears:

The cupcakes below are supposed to be a baby in a baby carriage... The flowers are the wheels. The blue thing at the mouth is a pacifier. No matter how much my husband squinted, he couldn't see the vision I was trying to create. LOL

I decorated the cupcake stand instead of making individual cupcake wrappers as I did in a previous post.

Final presentation

If you decorate the cupcake stand keep in mind that the cupcakes will need to be displayed at eye level. Otherwise, the cupcakes on the lower levels will be blocked as shown below.


  1. Absolutely Adorable!!! I especially like the ones decorated with the rocking horses. Great idea to display a different theme on each tier. What kind of a cupcake stand is that?

  2. Thanks ButterYum. The cupcake stand is Wilton's Four Tier Dessert Tower. I bought it at Hobby Lobby. It breaks down and stores very well too. Everything stacks inside of the biggest tier.

  3. I cannot wait until the day that we stop separating/atributing genders based on colors (i.e., pink=girls; blue=boys). Nevertheless, your cupcakes look fantastic! I like how you used a variety of colors and not just pink. This is definitely foodgawker-worthy.