Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Apron to go with the New Job

My husband's sister, Becky, is an amazing seamstress. She has been whipping out aprons quicker than I can bat an eye. This is the second apron she has made for me. (the first on is a gorgeous half apron) Becky made this design up herself... she doesn't even use a pattern!
Even though it doesn't show in this picture, this design is very flattering to the chest area. My husband loves this apron. ;-)

This is the lovely Becky. She rocks! Thank you Becky! I love my apron! And you were right, it launders very well. I came home covered in chocolate, washed it, and it looks brand new. (the picture above is after I washed it... I wished I would have thought to take a "before" picture. I will next time and update this post with it)
Becky sent me the apron to celebrate my new job. At a bakery!!!! EEEkkkk! (that's me jumping up and down and squealing) I've been there a week and I absolutely love it. Everyone who works there is amazingly sweet and kind. This has been my dream job and now my dream has come true. Thank you Father!
I originally applied for this job back in January. I felt God's leading and I felt very confident I'd get the job. When I didn't, I was quite shocked. So, I turned it back over to Him and prayed about it constantly. And guess what. They sent me an email on June 30th asking if I was still interested. EEEKKKK! I thanked God instantly! (and continuously).
I went through three interviews. The first one was answering a lot of questions geared more for assessing some one's morals, honesty & integrity, the other two were practicals where I frosted a very moist chocolate cake with light colored frosting, made a pie and mixed up some cookies. The second practical I frosted another chocolate cake with white frosting & made a pie. The whole time I was working we were all chatting like sisters having a good time in the kitchen. ...and that's what it's like to work there. I am so impressed with all of the young ladies that bake from scratch. I thought it was becoming a lost art but not so. There are two other ladies around my age but the rest are young, smart and very talented.
How do I know God was in this? I got hired to work in their new location which would be baking favorite. It won't be a retail shop. God knew what was coming up and which job would fit me best. I just had to wait for his timing. (I get a little impatient waiting sometime...okay most of the time... sorry God) The things we will bake at the new location will be transported to the original location where they are so busy they can't keep up with sales. What a wonderful problem to have, eh? (they'll still be baking at the original location also)

That's the latest news is my life. What's up with you?

P.S. If you want an apron, I'm sure Becky would love to sale you one. Here's a sample of her work:

Doesn't she pick out the most wonderful materials? I love them all!


  1. A - I love all the aprons... such wonderful fabric choices!!!

    B - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! What a great new job, and such a wonderful answer to prayer! I'm very happy for you. Hope you'll teach us all your new found bakery skills!

  2. A- Becky is great at putting fabrics together (among many other talents that she has)

    B- Thanks ButterYum. This is a very unique homestyle bakery. The don't make wedding cakes or breads... and their cakes are frosted to look like "Mom" made them. The owner & all the people who work their are good christian folks with wonderful morals & ethics. A great work environment!

  3. Not only can you do a job you love, you can look adorable doing it! Love the aprons!

    Love, Michelle Bates

  4. Wow, those are very pretty aprons. I am glad Becky gifted one to you to celebrate your new job.

    Congrats on the new joy (when I typed in job it came out joy.. not even close on the typewriter but accurate none the less.)

  5. Those are beautiful! I especially like the black and white animal print with black polka dots on pink. That would match my daughter's room perfectly!

  6. God always answers our prayers at the right time. congrat on the new job.

  7. Thanks Veronica. I love to see the way God works in my life. It gives me goosebumps! If you haven't read the Castillo Bread story, go to the end of it... I was so thrilled that God used me to feed some of his sheep. God is so AWESOME!

  8. Thanks Belinda... It has Holly's name written all over it, doesn't it?

  9. Hi, my name is Joy, and I recently discovered your site after a friend of mine told me about the upcoming baking/blogging group working from "Rose's Heavenly Cakes." I just recently started blogging a few months ago, but I'm having so much fun, and the best part by far has been getting to know other passionate bakers from all over the world! I'm currently a member of the Sweet Melissa Sunday's group (making recipes from "The Sweet Melissa Baking Book"), and I'm enjoying that one so much that I was considering pursuing another. I was wondering if you could give me some more information regarding Rose's Heavenly Bakers- more specifically, how often you'll be baking and how many members you are thinking of including. (Our group was capped at 50, and it's kind of nice to have a small community, so you can really get to know the other participants!) Please feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment there: or you can email me at I really appreciate your help, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks again,

    P.S.- Congratulations on your new job- that's so exciting, and I must admit, I'm totally jealous. Working in a bakery would be an absolute dream job. Now that I've found your blog, I'm sure I'll be back to visit, and I can't wait to read about how everything's going! Best of luck! :)