Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge

A group of food bloggers and home bakers have joined together and taken on the challenge of tackling every recipe in this book (in order as they appear). The idea for this challenge was the brainchild of Pinch My Salt, an excellent food blogger I've been following for awhile.

If you love baking bread and would like a learning challenge, please join our group. The last day to join the group is this Sunday. Go to Pinch My Salt BBA Challenge for the details.

For a preview of the book, which include many recipes, click here.

If you want something a little less formal, we can have our own mini BBA challenge (Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge)! Anyone interested in taking part can post on my blog in the comment section under each post. Once you have made your bread and taken a few photos, add the links to your photos, comments on how your recipe's turned out, changes you made in the original recipe, or tips you learned along the way to improve the recipe. (There are many free sites you can use to upload your photos to so you can share them, including flickr.com.) Or include a link to your blog so we can pop over and read about your experience.

I'm not an experienced bread baker so don't feel intimidated to join in and try. I'm looking forward to being pushed into learning and this challenge will certainly give me the opportunity to do so. Although the group itself has no set rules or schedule, I am going to TRY and complete one recipe from the book each week. I will post the monthly schedule of the four recipes we will tackle each month, and anyone that wants to take part can. It will be informal, so if you can only do one or two recipes a month, no problem. I'll create a new post each week for each recipe, and post photos and a description of my results.

I cannot post the specific recipe itself for you without permission from the author, so you will have to have your own copy of the book to join in. You may buy your own copy, or borrow it from your local library (or friend's bookshelf!).

The date of completion for the first recipe will be May 17th to allow those interested in joining enough time to get hold of the book. We will be progressing through the book from front to back, so the first month's schedule will be as follows:

Anadama Bread (p. 108): Finish by Sunday, May 17
Greek Celebration Breads (p. 111): Finish by Sunday, May 24
Bagels (p. 115): Finish by Sunday, May 31

I've heard the book is a great primer for many artisan breads any home baker can recreate within their own kitchens. I hope that you want to join me in this challenge which will make the journey much more fun, as well as help to keep me on track as well!.

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